🌹~Born Of Gratitude~🌹

There was a time on my path, just a few short years ago, where I was going through a challenging time of personal healing. One soul-sister showed up so powerfully and generously for me during that time that I almost didn’t know how to receive all of her love and kindness. I wanted to thank her but I didn’t know how, and I had limited resources at that time. 

So I looked around at what was available, and determined that I would make her THE MOST BEAUTIFUL & LOVE-FILLED COLLAGE EVER! ;)

And thus, the first SacredFemCollage was born, with many more soon to follow.

I continued creating SacredFemCollages each month, to support my healing journey, and to send LOVING AND ENCOURAGING MESSAGES FROM MY SOUL to remind myself that regardless of what was going on around me, I was guided, supported and provided for in every moment.

Amazingly, THE ART BEGAN TAKING ON A LIFE OF ITS OWN, and dozens of people that I showed them to at gatherings and women’s circles loved them and wanted copies for themselves and for gifts. That number grew to hundreds, and I have been honored to see how many people from all walks of life have been inspired to put these collages up in their homes, workplaces, yoga studios and community centers.

Recently I have been blessed with the opportunity to display many large 20 x 20 prints my collages at 2 popular vegetarian cafes in California, called Eve Encinitas and Eve Oceanside. People have shared that just looking at THESE COLLAGES FEELS HEALING TO THEIR HEART.... I have even seen a few people crying just from looking at them.... It is so touching!

SacredFemCollage PRINTS

🌟I am honored to now offer the 12 x 12 prints of my SacredFemCollage artworks for order online and shipping anywhere in the US.
🌟These prints fit perfectly in any record album cover frames that you can find at gift shops or online.

🌟I sell the prints in bundles of 4, 8, and 12:  4 prints are $60, 8 prints are $100 and 12 prints are $130, including shipping.

🌟The 20 x 20 prints with custom made gold wooden frames pictured here are $130 including shipping.

🌟To place your order, please send your payment via venmo at: Prema-Gaia or PayPal at: and include a note with your email, full name, mailing address and which prints you would like to purchase. Thank you so much for supporting my art! 💖

(These collages include art from incredible visionary artists including Meganne Forbes, Autumn Skye, Kimberly Weber, Silas Toball, Dorrie Joy, Francene Hart, Sandra Stanton, Jana Parkes & many more. For more inspiration, check out the websites & IG pages of these amazing artists!)🌹

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